Sunday, August 8, 2010

Making Money Online....... 7 Tips to Incresae Traffic to your site.

Making money online is one of the hot niche on the Internet. But the major problems include traffic and good content.
 Here in this articles you will get know how to generate traffic to your site and make good cash from them. These are some of the ways you can use to generate traffic to your blog even if you are a newbie.

    SQUIDOO:  Squidoo is one of web 2.0 sites, with this you can generate traffic to more site. What you will do is simple just sign-up and create a lens and make sure you add URL of your website to the lense.

    Myspace:  Simply join myspacre and write nice articles and you redirect your visitors to your blog. Since the content or article will help your visitors , they will visit your site or blog.

    FACEBOOK:  Join facebook and make a list of your friends, create fan pages and create a group. You can generate traffic by sending mail to them about your new post which will be of assistance to them.

    TWITTER:  This also a social networking site, just sign-up free and tweet your posting and redirect all your visitors to your blog or websites.

    TECHNORATI:  This is a great social site. People will see your site and they will visit.

     FORUM:  Join forum that are related to your niche and make postings, make sure there is signature which is the link to your blog and it will be easy for visitors to follow you to your blog.

    STUMBLEUPON:  THIS IS ALSO A WEB 2.0 SITE. Just sign-up and install it on your website or blog and whenever you make a post on your blog it will be stumbled by visitors to stumbledupon.

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